ClassicPress Directory and How To Add Your Theme or Plugin

Please note that this site you are now viewing is not a ClassicPress owned asset but, only a reference for all Tradesouthwest themes and plugins that are ClassicPress builds. So with that in mind I have compiled a short article for you to read about how to add your theme or plugin to the ClassicPress repository. As of June 2023 the ClassicPress Directory is still in staging but hopefully it will be ready for public some time soon.

All the requirements for plugins/themes can be found here for the directory:

You must first register, for which you will need to provide a GitHub Username. ClassicPress uses Two Factor Authentication!

Minimal requirements are as follows:

Required Headers

  1. Requires PHP header – the minimum supported PHP version
  2. Requires CP header – the minimum supported ClassicPress version without the patch number included since it doesn’t affect compatibility in SemVer. For example:
    • Correct: 1.5
    • Incorrect: 1.5.0
  3. Premium URI header – required for any plugins/themes that sell a “Premium” version or upgrade. It must be a complete URI, starting with https:// to the sales page.
  4. file – it must be included in the zip file.
    1. If it’s not present, the Directory will look for the Description header.
    2. The Directory will look for the file in your repository as a fallback.

Once you have your Github Release Published you may then use the Software Submission Form to submit your software (whether plugin or theme) to the Directory.


There is a theme unit data xml file for testing themes which does not have the WP blocks or any of the odd-ball WP test data that is not pertinent to CP. You can download it here:

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